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Leah Reyes – Veterinary Assistant

Leah joined the Wright’s BDAH team in May of 2013. She has always wanted to work with animals since she was a little girl. She enjoys working with all kinds of animals, big and small, with feathers or fur, even scales! She has one dog named Emmi. She lives with her son James and her dog Emmi(pictured) in West Allis.

Angie Oliver - Veterinary Assistant/Hospital Administrator 

 Angie has been working in veterinary medicine since 1998. Her love of animals is obvious to clients and co-workers alike. A seasoned professional in our field, Angie has done it all. Starting as a kennel tech, then working her way up as a skilled technician, assisting DVM's with the many aspects of general veterinary medicine, and since April 2021 adding the position of Hospital Administrator. Having worked in three different states, Angie now lives in Waukesha, Wi with her husband and two children, and their rescues, Archie and Geno.
Bobbie Garthee - Receptionist

Bobbie joined the Wright's BDAH family is September 2015. She has always had a passion for animals and has been working with them for over 10 years. She received her diploma for Veterinary Assistance where she graduated with honors. Bobbie loves her two American Bulldogs named Ace and Bam Bam. She also has four cats (who really belongs to dogs) named Diva, Donnie, Fat Daddy and Lil Mama.
James Smith - Veterinary Assistant 

​​​James joined the BDAH team in January of 2017. He has had a passion for animals since he was just a kid and aspires to someday attend Veterinary School. He enjoys working in the veterinary field, feeling "No day is ever the same." When not working, James enjoys relaxing with his two lizards, Rueben and Syrus. 
             Noelani Wolf - Veterinary Assistant

     Noelani has always loved animals from a very young age. Working with them is a dream come true. Over the years she has had a cat, dog, rabbit, caught some crawfish, and the last pet was a 3 legged bearded dragon. Her son shares her love of animals. At 12 years old, he earned the title "chipmunk whisperer" when he was able to pet a wild chipmunk. Noelani graduated with a veterinary assistant certification from Animal Behavioral College in 2011 along with a certification in dog obedience. She joined the team at Brown Deer Animal Hospital in 2012 where she continues to love and care for animals. 
Jaida Drame - Veterinary Assistant

 Jaida has been on the BDAH team for a couple years but officially joined in June of 2017.​ She has three dogs: Makenzie(pictured), Alex, Lucas and a bearded dragon named Yoko. Jaida has always had a passion for animals and spends her free time playing and exercising with her dogs. Jaida is currently a sophomore at the University of Colorado, Boulder and is majoring in Molecular Biology with the intent of attending graduate school to become a veterinarian.
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Marina Kristl - Veterinary Assistant

 As a child Marina always knew she wanted to work with, and help, animals of all different kinds! Over the years, she has rescued multiple animals - from cats and dogs, to reptiles and other small furry friends. Her passion really piqued once she started rescuing reptiles and exotics; she says, "I just became so fascinated with their health and behavior!" Now, she is studying to hopefully become a veterinarian in the future!
(pictured is her bearded dragon, Shock, one of her 15+ reptiles)
Cheyenne Kanady - Veterinary Assistant

Growing up she was always fascinated with animals, the different shapes, colors, abilities, strength, weaknesses, fast or slow it filled her head with so much wonder. She knew she wanted to know more and do more! She started working at Wright’s clinic August of 2021. She is currently in school earning a Bachelors in Biology. She strives to be a Biologist, a professional breeder, and dog trainer. With her time here at the clinic She wants to learn and experience everything and anything possible.
               Iyana Jones - Veterinary Assistant 

Iyana has been working in the animal field since she was 15. She has always had a passion for working and taking care of animals since she was a little girl. She volunteered at the humane society in the cat shelter, and also helped teach a veterinary medicine camp for kids at the age of 16. She starts school this fall 2022, she plans on attending MATC for my prerequisites for 2 years, then transfer to a university for Vet school, majoring in pre-med. Her dog Reign is a 1 year old cane corso who she loves and wants to take on this life journey with her.  
     Grace Burch - Veterinary Assistant

Grace joined the BDAH team in June of 2021. Even though she loves all animals, reptiles and exotics are near the top. While currently owning two lizards, a bearded dragon, and a blue tongue skink, she hopes to own a dog one day. Currently majoring in biology at Spelman College, she hopes to go to vet school one day. When at home, she stays with her parent and three sisters, the family bird, and her sister's dog Mocha (pictured here).
            Sheryl Wright - Receptionist

 has always had a love for animals from an early childhood. She grew up with a collie, and during the past 27 years, she has had at least 6 Dobermans, 3 Yorkies, 1 Chinese Crested 1 Rottweiler mix, 2 Pit Bull mixes and two cats. At one time she owned 2 Dobermans, 1 Chinese Crested, 2 Pit Bulls and a Yorkie. Sheryl retired 3 years ago, and she has adapted to the veterinary world as a receptionist. We are blessed to have her work in the Wright clinic part time during her retirement. 
         TJ Thomas - Veterinary Assistant

TJ joined the BDAH team in June of 2022. He is 19 years old and has always had a passion for dogs and other animals. Working as a veterinarian has always been a career goal for him. He enjoys learning new things and helping whenever is necessary. He’s also an owner of lots of dogs. He breeds micro–American Bullies and French Bulldogs. On his days off he enjoys playing his video games and relaxing with his pets.
        Joretta Tyrrell - Receptionist 

​Joretta joined the BDAH in October of 2022. She is 22 years old and has an extreme passion for animals, especially big dogs! She hopes one day to go to Veterinary School. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her dog Brutus(pictured here) and loved ones.
Exalena Gause - Veterinary Assistant

​​Exalena has always had a love for animals, and from a young age had a dream of pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. After she started here in November of 2022, as an extern she graduated from Milwaukee Career College with a diploma in Veterinary Assisting. She hopes to become a certified technician as she gains more experience in the field. When not working she likes hiking, trying new restaurants, and listening to true crime podcast.